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“Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

That’s the question I am asked most frequently when I tell someone that I am a skydiver.  “Because the door is open”   is the response I’m most likely to give.  Seriously, though, there are many reasons why I just love to skydive.

I’ve always been attracted to high-adrenaline activities – fast cars, faster motorcycles, scuba diving and wind surfing on chilly Lake Michigan are a few examples.   Participating in these types of activities do not constitute a death wish, as most people would believe. On the contrary the high that I get from flying through the sky makes me want to live another day to jump again and again and again.

Mastering the skill and technique needed to be a competent (aka, living) skydiver gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  Although it looks simple, skydiving is deceptively complicated (and as you might imagine, incredibly dangerous).  I had to attend classes and perform a series of increasingly complicated jumps in order to quality for my USPA Skydiving license.   There is very little room for error in this sport so all my focus and concentration is needed each and every time I exit the airplane.

There is a great spirit of camaraderie among the jumpers. Group formations are only successful if everyone works together as a tightly woven team.  Skydivers work hard at their sport and play even harder after the jumping is finished for the day.  Drop zones (DZ’s) provide instant families for skydivers.  I know that if I’m jumping at my home DZ – Skydive Chicago - or a drop zone in Florida or Mexico, I will find a friendly face, a jumping partner, someone to swap stories with or even someone that I already know.  Skydivers tend to get around!

To learn more about my skydiving adventures (tandem jumps, first solo jump, malfunctions, etc.) please follow the links on this page.


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